Text Book costs are outrageous. NO MORE BOOKSTORE can change the way we buy and sell them.

Here are the facts

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of textbooks has risen almost every year since 2006, when their study started.

In fact Textbooks have been the highest cost, based on the consumer price index!

See for yourself.

Why you should try it

With No More Bookstore you can...

Make Money

Selling your own books will put the money in your hands.

Save Money

Buying books from students lets you get the best price.


Get rid of the textbooks taking up space in your life!

The Starting Line

Starting this project will require a team with general to extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, SQL and other data base system-application development or Responsive design capabilities, understanding of advanced search algorithms and the ability to access which classes require text books at target colleges.

Our Competition


Book Stores

Stores on and off campus sell books, but for profit not for the financial benefit of the student.


Students at Rochester University have begun work on a similar idea.


If a free version of a textbook can be found online it is the best option.


No More Bookstore will prevent students from having to purchase books from brick and mortar bookstores that are clearly there to make a profit. So long as a hard copy textbook is needed for classes, students will keep this application alive.

In the beginning we will rely on word of mouth and advertising on the Quad and during shool functions to spark interest and usiage of No More Bookstore.

The fairly negotiated prices that students will decide on with other students, not corperations, will bring them back to No More Bookstore time and time again for thier textbook needs.

No More Bookstore will be free to use initially on the Texas State Campus. Once it has been proven to work and benefit students we plan to spread it to other campuses around the state and then the country whild incorporating adds into the application. No More Bookstore will utilize a GPS system to best support its customers.

See how easy it is


Simply login to the app, you can browse recently posted textbooks or search for a specific one by class number, ISBN, author or title. After you have found the textbook that you need contact the seller and coordinate a time and place to meet!

Are you ready for fairly priced textbooks?

Try the App out today!

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Let's Get In Touch!

This website and application prototype were made for the Digital Media Innovation Capstone Class as part of the Digital Media Innovation major in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University. I am Evan McCabe, a senior at Texas State University Graduating in the Spring of 2019.

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